Are You Suffering From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Chronic Fatigue SyndromeAre you feeling so low that you think you won’t be able to carry out everyday tasks? Chances are you could be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS. It’s an illness or a series of illness which might make individuals feel lethargic all the time. Day to day activities become chores which are difficult to handle. The problem is that chronic fatigue syndrome is not easy to diagnose either.

The main reason why it’s not easy to diagnose is that people suffering from it are touted as being lazy or idle. Those who suffer from it themselves believe it to be the case. However new research shows that chronic fatigue syndrome must be taken as an illness and should be addressed as one too. Women are more prone to CFS then men. However an estimated one million Americans suffer from CFS.

Since there are no major tests to determine the existence of the CFS, people usually imagine that it’s all in the mind. The same goes for close friends and associates who believe that to be the exact case. However there need be a good support group for people suffering from CFS.

CFS symptoms

The following are a few symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Feelings of extreme tiredness.
  • Loss of interest in everyday chores
  • Despondent mood and depressive state of mind.
  • Frequent mood swings.
  • Feeling tired even when waking up after a full night’s sleep.
  • Headaches accompanied by feelings of tenderness in the armpits or the neck.
  • Trouble concentrating at work
  • Feeling weak or dizzy
  • Recurring joint pain which shows no redness or swelling
  • A disturbed sleep pattern

What Causes CFS

The following are some of the causes of CFS

  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • A compromised immune system
  • Certain bacterial or viral infections.
  • Research also points out an indirect link between low blood pressure, anemia and certain metabolic disorders


Treatment For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

There is no specific treatment available for chronic fatigue syndrome. Individuals tend to experience the above symptoms most of the time. What people suffering from this syndrome need is a good doctor who can evaluate and diagnose their problem. Often certain behavior altering medications are given along with therapy to help ease the symptoms.

Support from friends and family helps a great deal too. However if you suffer from CFS you might have to make the following lifestyle changes to enhance the quality of life

  • Changes in daily routines
  • Sleeping and waking up on time
  • Turning towards gentle exercises like yoga which help calm and soothe frazzled nerves
  • Taking frequent rests so that feelings of fatigue can be overcome
  • Reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Taking medication for depression on time

Can CFS be prevented?

Chronic fatigue syndrome cannot be prevented, though certain medication and therapies might help ease the symptoms a bit. Besides that joining a support group or a stress management program can help people cope better with their illness.

Raw ACV: More than Just Vinegar, it is a Miracle Tonic for You

Raw ACVVinegar in its many forms has been used for decades for all sorts of remedies. Recently more and more people are turning to natural home remedies. Raw ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) has come to lights for its numerous benefits. It has become a miracle health tonic for everyone.


Raw apple cider vinegar is “alive” and has not been processed and distilled in any way. It has thought to be more beneficial compared to its processed counterparts. It is unpasteurized, unfiltered, and unheated with 5% acidity. Raw ACV is known as “mother of vinegar”. The live bacteria and living nutrients in it is what makes it a potent remedy for almost all sorts of health problems. Now, the question is, how will you know if it’s a raw ACV? Raw ACV is muddy and brown in color with the “mother” swimming around. “Mother” is a thin layer of film or sediment floating around the vinegar and the antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties of this vinegar are attributed to it.


Other components of raw ACV are as follows:

·         Potassium·         Malic acid·         Pectin·         Calcium

·         Acetic acid

·         Iron

·         Natural organic fluorine

·         Ash

·         Copper·         Phosphorous·         Essential amino acids·         Sulfur

·         Magnesium

·         Natural organic sodium

·         Trace elements


Note: The ASH is responsible for maintaining pH balance in the body because of its alkaline properties. Thus, raw ACV can be used internally and externally without worrying if it alters the pH of the body.

Benefits of Raw ACV

  1. Aids is digestion
  2. Speeds up metabolism and assist in weight loss
  3. Alleviates arthritis and gout
  4. Remedy for heartburn
  5. Improves skin, scalp and condition; treat dandruff, blemishes, psoriasis and other skin diseases
  6. Helps lower cholesterol and maintains normal blood pressure
  7. Drastically cure constipation
  8. Cleanses the urinary tract
  9. Increases energy and stamina
  10. Fights stubborn allergies and asthma
  11. Cures infection and inflammations
  12. Relieves sunburn
  13. Potent antioxidants and prevents the development of cancer cells
  14. It helps process proteins and other nutrients for the body to use
  15. Use in treatment of respiratory disease because it helps breakdown phlegm or sputum for easy expectoration.

These are only a few of the numerous benefits of raw ACV. It only makes sense why you have to incorporate it into your daily health regimen. Over the years, this tonic has been proven to be effective not only as remedies for ailments and diseases, but it can also strengthen your health and provide you with much needed nutrients.

Some people think that clear vinegar is healthier because it is cleaner. Little do they know that most of the nutritional value of this vinegar has been stripped off. Don’t be deterred on how raw ACV looks, the proof of its benefits does not depend on how it looks, but how it can change your health for the better if not for the best. Raw ACV is a miracle tonic for you.

The Power of Detox Diet – Achieving Total Well Being

The Power of Detox Diet – Achieving Total Well BeingUnless you are living in a super clean and stress free environment where you breathe clean air, eat organic foods, exercise every single day and don’t get anxious about anything – chances are you need to detox. Experts say that the increase in prevalence of different diseases and illnesses is due to the fact that toxins and free radicals accumulate in the body because of unhealthy and stressful living. So, the only thing you can do to decrease if not eradicate this harmful substances is to detoxify.

What is Detox?

Detox is a popular short term for detoxification. And NO you don’t have to go to a rehab center just to detoxify. Detox has been used in neuropathic circles to describe the process of removing toxins. This process neutralizes toxins and free radicals in the body, chemically transforming them into relatively harmless substances and eliminated out from the body through urine, stool and perspiration. This process is very essential if you want to achieve total well being.

Detox Benefits

Detoxifying gives a lot of benefits, but bear in mind that during the process you will feel a little different and experience some side effects, but this is normal. Say for example, if you always have that lovely morning cup of coffee, during detoxification you are not allowed to have one. So chances are you might have caffeine withdrawal syndrome. One more thing, you may experience frequent bowel movement, but don’t fret this is also part of the process. Nevertheless, once your body adjusted with the whole thing, you will find out that you are more energized than ever. Below are more benefits you can reap from a detox diet.

  • Enhances Cell Renewal and Rejuvenation

First and foremost, detox naturally eliminates toxins and other harmful substances in the body. This generally enables cells to rejuvenate and regenerate faster enhancing every system in the body function at their fullest.

  • Weight Loss

Most people drop few extra pounds after a detox diet and for some who undergoes a longer detoxification loose a significant amount of weight. This happens because fat cells and water weight are flushed out of the body. In addition, weight loss is also attributed to reduced calorie intake during the process.

  • Regular Bowel Movement

If you got problems going to the restroom and you experience constipation, the problem lays with your faulty diet and you colon. Detox diet cleanses the colon and can cure long term constipation and regularizes bowel movement.

  • Alleviates Ailments

Toxins and free radicals cause disease and illnesses, by eliminating these harmful substances from the body, most often than not, these problems are eradicated. However, detox diet is not a cure for certain diseases such as cancer. It simply provides relief from annoying signs and symptoms of the said disease.

Final Thought!

Living in a cluttered and chemically enriched environment has led us to have unhealthy lifestyles and bodies full of harmful substances. Detox diet has grown its popularity over the years because it can reverse detrimental effects of these toxins. Its considerable benefits have led many individuals to have a body functioning at its best- achieving total well being. If anything try some amino acid supplements to help regain muscle strength.